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Our junior analyst position is designed to supplement classroom education with hands on learning. Junior analysts work with a dedicated senior analyst to develop an investor mindeset to work towards a senior analyst position.



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What is a Junior Analyst?

Our junior analysts work directly with a dedicated senior analyst to analyze their assigned sector, update the fund on current holdings, and pitch investment ideas to our Portfolio Manager. The job of a junior analyst is to learn fundamental financial concepts through meetings and interactions with senior analysts in hopes of being promoted by the end of their second semester in the fund. 

Who can apply? 

The spring applications are open to both freshmen and sophomores, while the fall applications are only intended for freshman. We are looking for UMass Amherst undergraduates interested in learning about the stock market and related career paths in finance. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply

What do you get as a Junior Analyst?

  • 1:1 mentorship from a dedicated senior analyst in your assigned sector

  • Career and technical guidance from senior members and leadership

  • Hands on equity research experience

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