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Since our founding in 2007, our alumni have become an integral part of our fund's support system. We are thankful for their help and are constantly seaching for ways to keep them involved and engaged with our organization.

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What did past programs look like?

Please click the button below to see previous information sent to mentors. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.



What is AMP?

The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) was designed to better connect current MEF members with Alumni and industry professionals. Taking inspiration from Smart Women Securities' mentor match up program, AMP pairings are made based on the career interests of MEF members to aid in their undergraduate development. The program takes place every spring semester and we welcome participation from alumni of all backgrounds.

What do you do as a mentor?

  • Engage in regular calls with mentee

  • Provide advice and guidance on working in finance and other roles 

  • Speak at alumni panels 

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